Clear Wing Pokémon
Species Clear Wing Pokémon
Type(s) Type Bug/Type Flying
Weight Medium
Eye color Black
Body color Red
Gender Female

Yanma is a Middleweight character, Yanma appears for Dumb Ways to Die as Teach yourself how to fly as like Skarmory fly and get hurt himself some accident will be hurt and crushed like Stupe fly in the plane for Dumb Ways to Die.


Yanma is a large, red dragonfly Pokémon. Compared to its long, thin abdomen, its thorax is short and wide. It has three pairs of two-toed legs and two pairs of wings with red bands on them. A bright green mask marking covers most of its face, and it has two spikes on top of its head. Its blue eyes can see all around its body allowing it to have a high evasiveness. The end of Yanma's tail has two flat extensions from the sides and two gray spikes in the center.

Yanma is a skillful flier. It can make sudden stops, turn in midair and hover in place by flapping its wings at a high speed. It can also generate shock waves capable of breaking glass by flapping its wings very fast. Yanma is often found in wooded and swampy areas. It hunts insects for food, using its eyesight to spot and its flight abilities to pursue prey. Yanma is also territorial, flitting around to guard its territory.

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